World Oil white papers include literature on the latest trends, development and advances in the offshore and onshore oil and gas industry, including technology and technologies relating to operations, shale, technology, subsea, deepwater, rig activity, drilling, innovations in the oil and gas industry and more.

Understanding Human Factors, Behavioural Based Safety (BBS) and SOL-X’s Holistic Approach

November 17, 2022
Sponsored by: SOL-X
SOL-X digitalises and automates key Behavioural Based Safety processes in near real time. This is through the following steps: 1) Safe work practices are implemented, and safety culture is promoted within the organisation; 2) Real Time Operations Monitoring; 3) Situational awareness of conditions on the grounds, from the worker level up to the office personnel; 4) Ensured quality of data for information, and 5) Ready-made analytics and possible solutions for organisation usage.

Direct-Drive Turbine Technology Powers Eco-Conscious Hydraulic Fracturing

October 05, 2022
Sponsored by: Catalyst Energy Services
As the energy industry explores Environmental, Social and Governance models to improve business, frac operators face challenges in implementing viable innovations while meeting business demands. Offering an alternative to standard technology, Catalyst Energy Services engineered and introduced VortexPrimeTM—the first-of-its-kind, patent-pending fleet for hydraulic fracturing operators. The company’s natural-gas powered, direct-drive turbine technology reduces emissions up to 40%, footprint up to 55% and waste up to 99.9%.

Drilling Deeper Under the Sea with HOT Pipeline Coatings

October 05, 2022
Sponsored by: Sherwin-Williams
As subsea oil and gas exploration activities seek to draw raw materials from deeper and hotter oil fields, today’s extraction technologies – and the coatings used to protect the equipment from corrosive deterioration – are being pushed to their limits. Learn how enhanced capabilities of high operating temperature (HOT) fusion-bonded epoxy (FBE) coatings are enabling limit-pushing exploration activities to continue.

A New Era for Managing Enclosed Spaces - Powered by IIoT and Connected Worker Technology

September 12, 2022
Sponsored by: SOL-X
The fatal danger associated with enclosed spaces is a major safety concern for hazardous industries. SOL-X solution addresses industrial safety through smart wearables and AI. It raises worker situational awareness and improves their well-being. Download this whitepaper to learn how our IIoT technologies and Smart worksite concept help boost operational efficiency by addressing human factors, which are the common causes of incidents.

Compass to APM 4.0: From Maintenance and Reliability to Performance and Sustainability

July 08, 2022
Sponsored by: AspenTech
The priorities of industrial manufacturers are changing. While minimizing asset downtime and maximizing production and quality remain important, sustainability and operational initiatives are becoming intricate parts of a firm’s strategic objectives. A recent study by independent research firm Verdantix revealed how APM 4.0 solutions can help companies to meet the challenges of volatile market demands and supply chain disruptions and optimize their asset performance. Download this report to learn why APM 4.0 is well-positioned to support industrial companies on their evolving digital journeys and objectives.
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