Drilling ///

Downhole tool, designed to deploy sand screens in ERD wells, saves Opex, reduces risk and improves operational efficiency

Single-tool technology bypasses the use of drill collars while increasing available surface weight.

Remedial Offshore builds new vessel type

Hybid combines the best of liftboats, jackups and liftbarges.

Drilling advances

New technology

Azimuthal, deep-reading LWD tool optimizes geosteering in North Sea well

The new tool helped StatoilHydro place a long horizontal section in a thin reservoir.

Casing while drilling results in safer drilling, larger wellbores in Lake Maracaibo

Three days and more than $96,000 were saved when drilling the surface section.

Extreme drilling pushes RSS application to a new Alaskan limit

The new tool helped StatoilHydro place a long horizontal section in a thin reservoir.

Real-time rig-activity detection helps identify and minimize invisible lost time

Automatic rig-activity detection yields cost and time savings on both deepwater and land wells.

New Rig Designs: Compact RCR series rigs work in the city, swamp or desert

Dietswell has developed the RCR series, a new drilling concept adapted to tropical and desert conditions.

New Rig Designs: Rack and pinion design enables rig to perform extended-reach laterals at shallow depths

Horizontal Well Drillers (HWD) has deployed its second-generation drilling rig this October.

New Rig Designs: Shell and Frontier joint venture to build the “Bully" drillship

Shell and Frontier will build and roll out a new drillship concept, known as the “Bully” rig.

New Rig Designs: Skidding rigs for pad drill sites

IDM’s new QUICKSKID Rigs are integrated AC drilling systems designed with a focus on pad drilling locations with multiple wellheads

New Rig Designs: Transport features enable land rig mobility over desert terrain

Bentec’s Nomad-Class rig, jointly developed with international drilling contractor KCA DEUTAG is a new land rig designed for desert terrain conditions.

Newbuild Report: Rig building continues in onshore and offshore markets

Marine rigs begin long-term contracts, while land rigs shift to shorter contracts as utilization softens.

Rig Floor Equipment: AC VFD power system enables efficient rig power distribution

Over the last 15 years, Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) have helped operators optimize power distribution for drilling and production equipment.

Rig Floor Equipment: Easy offline capabilities for conventional rigs

The Derrick Stand Building (DSB) System developed by ODS International can be retrofitted to virtually any rig mast or derrick configuration

Rig Floor Equipment: Generators designed for land-based drilling

Cummins Inc. introduced its Tier 2 QSK38 and QSK50 Drilling Power Modules.

Rig Floor Equipment: Logan Oil Tools' power swivel with offshore package designed for workover and fishing operations

The newly engineered PS120 is a hydraulic motor-driven, 120-ton power swivel that provides shock-free torque.

Rig Floor Equipment: M-I SWACO introduces meerkat pt dual-motion shaker

M-I SWACO has introduced its patented MEERKAT PT dual-motion shale shaker that is ideally suited for drilling rigs and separation operations where space is at a premium.

Rig Floor Equipment: Proprietary face seals prolong washpipe system's life

National Oilwell Varco (NOV), in alliance with Deublin Company, manufacturer of precision rotating unions, has designed the next generation of washpipe systems.

Rig Floor Equipment: Quintuplex mud pump enables efficient transfer to hydraulic horsepower

The Ellis Williams Engineering Company (EWECO) is on the verge of showcasing its next generation of pumps

Rig Floor Equipment: Remotely operated make break system

The T-WREX make-up break-out system from Hawk Industries, Inc. is an innovative design that incorporates the features of its HAWKJAW system